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We remanufacture your carb or you can buy from us. We also buy cores. Call us!
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May 3, 2015
Sumter Swap Meet
Sumter County Fairgrounds
Bushnell, FL

May 15-16, 2015
Summer Swap Meet & Car Corral
space nos.: D36-40
Moultrie, GA

June 7, 2015
Sumter Swap Meet
Sumter County Fairgraounds
Bushnell, FL

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March 27, 2015

Thank U again for a job well done. Mounted the carbs (62 413 Max wedge Ply Savoy) fired right up and is running fine, that is why we send all our carbs to U, send an email address and I'll send U photos...

Dennis & Jeff P.

Aug. 1, 2014

Got the new choke you sent me and wow it works great. The one that was on there was old. I will recommend your company to anyone. You are a great company to deal with and I do appreciate all the help you gave me in getting the choke to work with the Edelbrock I got from you. I told you I had a problem with the choke and you sent me a new one right out. That is good business in which you do not always get at some company's. If I ever need another carburetor I will be getting it from you for sure.

Thanks again,

John W.
in Western Kentucky

1406, 1407, 1411, 1413
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We don't rebuild.
We remanufacture and restore.

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Our Restoration Service is our main focus. The carburetor you send in is the carburetor you receive back. It is not just rebuilt using a can of carb cleaner and a kit. Yours' is completely remanufactured.

The carburetor is completely disassembled to ensure all surfaces are inspected and cleaned.

Your carb is ultrasonically cleaned. Then it is media blasted with fine silica bead to remove all of the original finish and any remaining contaminates. The case pieces are either polished in a vibratory machine to a high luster finish or re-colored depending on the application required. We Zinc Dichromate plate all steel parts to resist corrosion.

Your carb is then reassembled with a Premium kit using ethanol resistant parts, including new accelerator pump, needles and seats. Floats, choke pull offs and choke coils are replaced if available. The throttle shafts are removed and checked for wear. Bushings are installed to minmize vacuum leaks. All 4 Barrel and most 2 Barrel carbs are live engine tested to ensure proper float setting, accelerator pump function and that hot & cold idle adjusts along with the mixture screws. Carburetors that cannot be engine tested are wet tested to ensure float setting, accelerator pump function and that no leaks exist.

Finally, we return to you the same carb you sent to us, only now your carb is completely restored & remanufactured.

We have been helping collectors like you for over 25 years. We know how important your carburetor is to your restoration project. Call us for a quote, send it in or bring it to one of the car shows.     -contact us-   -see show dates-

-William and Joe

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If you have your own carburetor; we are here for you. The reason we started our company was so collectors like you can keep your original carburetor. It will come back to you meeting or exceeding original factory and/or NCRS standards.

Holley 3418

Holley 3418

1967 L88 Corvette 427/430
Date Code: 851
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Holley 4280

Holley 4280

1969 428 Cobra Jet A/T
1969 GT Mach I Mustang

Date Code: 974
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engine: Domestic
brand: Carter
customer: You were recommended to me by Bill P. I have two original Carter AFBs on my 426 hemi that I am considering having you re-manufacture. Can you give me a range? Also, the gas line nuts which connect to the carbs seem to be frozen. I may send you those as well as I am afraid I will destroy the nuts.

Thank you very much. My carburetors look fabulous. If they perform as well as they look, I'll be very happy. I am waiting for my distributor to return and then I'll drive the car. Should be a huge difference. Thanks again for the terrific work.

Bob S.
Apollo Beach, FL


Hi folks. I got the carb back on and it runs like a top again. Thank you again for great service. Now I know what to do when I head north in the spring.


Bill B.
Sebring, FL

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