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Restoration Service Order Form

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When you send us your carburetor please include a hard copy of the Restoration Service Order.
Click on the "Service Order PDF" button below to see the form. Then click on the printer icon. Fill out the form
and place with the unit in the shipping box. Also, please see shipping instructions below.

Service Order PDF

Additional Information!!!!


** If we have to order a kit for the unit *if parts are not available in bulk* any amount over $50 for a carb kit to rebuild your unit is added to your final total. 
** ANY RE CALIBRATIONS OR ADDITIONAL PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE of the restoration** Typically range from $10-$50+ for additional tune time and parts.

When shipping please pack carb well, bubble wrap and crumpled paper combo works well if packed firm! NO PACKING PEANUTS PLEASE, THEY ALLOW FOR TOO MUCH MOVEMENT INSIDE THE BOX. The attached Restoration Order Form will help us get started with all the right information, and ensure we can get you going fast! Be sure to include good contact information as well as any specific issues you know the carb is having so we can make sure its all addressed. If your motor is not stock tell us what you can with your intake form (attached). OR Include a full sized sheet of paper with the requested info if you can't print the form.

We will call once the unit has been tested to verify your shipping and billing info!

**If you are a SHOP Please fax, send, or email a copy of this years Tax Exemption Certificate!

*** We do not service the majority of Import Carburetors, Please call for details before you ship any non domestic carburetor. 

**** Some units we require that you CALL AHEAD and provide the kit, especially for some early, uncommon, import *when approved*, and implement units (tractors, lifts, pressure washers ect....) Please call ahead to get lead times and let us know what you are sending to ensure we service your unit! If a Kit is not provided for these types units additional charges may apply, please call for details.


Call us with any Questions: (904)215-6790

If you are unable to reach us by phone, please E-Mail us.

Thank you for your business!

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